Chef Ahmed Abu Zayed (age 34)

When I finished my high school education, I wanted to learn another language beside my native language “Arabic”. I decided to sign up in a language center and I moved from a pre-intermediate level to an advanced one. I left the center with a very good ability to use English. The language helped me a lot when I started working, especially as I worked in hotels where most managers and guests were foreigners and where English was mostly use; that was when my promising career started. I traveled to the USA and I was able to find a job easily because of my ability to communicate using the native language there. Knowing English makes life easier and opens doors to opportunities. From my experience, I advise everyone to put targets in life to develop ones’ self; Learning English is a priority not a waste of time. I recommend Skillsutopia to everyone as they are genuinely ready to put you on the right path.