AbdulRahman Al Midani (age 17)

I still remember to this day the very first assignment Ms. Lana gave my class; take a thick A4 red paper, draw a border with very specific given dimensions, and write down your favorite quote. I did not understand why at first, but as we went on with the course, it all became crystal clear. The IGCSE English as a second language was particularly focused on following instructions, and she wanted to make sure we were able to do so. That single assignment kept reminding me that following instructions is key. Too much or too little information is detrimental in almost every situation. Also, even though the course involved an array of topics we were unfamiliar with, Ms. Lana made sure to make everything simple and understandable. She would teach us how to think and how to write, then force us to do a ton of practice. I remember being lacking in summarizing and note-taking, but by the end course, I became quite proficient at them. It was all thanks to her teaching me how to paraphrase, how to identify key points and most importantly, how to write them. Using all what I had learned from her, I was able to get an A* on my IGCSE exam. I wholeheartedly recommend her English courses to anyone wanting to improve in English as it does not only greatly improve your language, but it also equips you with the tools needed to succeed later on in life.